Surround Speakers

Polk Audio surround speakers create rear channel ambiance in multi-channel home theater systems. Whether mounted on walls or installed inside them, properly placed surround loudspeakers envelop you in truly immersive movie effects.

Blackstone TL Series 


5-Piece Compact Home Theater System with TL1 Satellite and Center Channel Speakers

299.95 system

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TL250 5-pack

5-Piece Compact Home Theater System with TL2 Satellite and Center Channel Speakers

499.95 system

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Serious Surround Sound

Add surround speakers in your home that deliver ultra-high performance audio for modern high definition media. Experience pinpoint details, wide enveloping midrange and deep low-end response with these key Polk Audio loudspeakers.

Featured Technology

Patented Innovation

Proprietary Polk Audio technology, like Dynamic Balance® design, Power Port® bass venting and Klippel distortion optimization, produces dramatic details and unbelievably lifelike sound.

Endless Options

From beautiful, furniture-grade floor-standing speakers to virtually invisible in-wall models, you can choose from countless ways to build your complete home theater system.


All Polk Audio loudspeakers are timbre-matched within their series to ensure seamless blending from one speaker to the next in multi-channel systems.

Legendary Sound Quality

Powered by over 40 years of audio heritage, Polk Audio speakers deliver the very best in high performance audio.

Virtually Invisible Audio

Our surround speakers are perfect for a complete, practically invisible sound system or as complements to traditional loudspeakers. Install them anywhere you want unobtrusive, whole-house audio.

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Build Your Dream Polk System

Explore our one-of-a kind system builder to customize the perfect Polk speaker setup in your home!