Polk Audio ATV speakers and amplifiers are built for adventure. Supplying smooth sound even on the bumpiest of rides, these rugged, water-resistant models keep the elements out and the music pumping.

DB+ Subs

Polk’s rich, deep bass gets an on-the-go overhaul with the marine-tough, yet ruggedly sophisticated, DB+ subwoofers. With a space-saving design you get thunderous sonic output that fits in nearly any vehicle.

Go-Anywhere Audio

See where your music takes you with a shot of adrenaline from high performance DB Plus Series speakers and MM1 Series speakers.

The MM1 Series

MM1 is the next generation of our highly-acclaimed Mobile Monitor series—conceived, designed and engineered to deliver premium audio with unparalleled sonic detail and ultra-durable construction. It’s the one crafted for full-on powerful sound, no matter
what vehicle you’re in.

  • ULTRA-Marine Certified

Integrated waterproof speakers block out dirt, liquid and grime to minimize corrosion and maximize longevity.

  • Powerfully Efficient

    High-efficiency design means better sound and higher volumes with less amplifier power and a smaller footprint.

  • Legendary Sound Quality

    Powered by over 40 years of audio heritage, Dynamic Balance® technology and Klippel optimization deliver signature Polk Audio sound.

Years of Solid Dependability

Polk Audio ATV speakers and amplifiers are designed for minimal corrosion and maximum longevity. Featuring non-corrosive plastic grilles, stainless steel mounting hardware and integrated waterproof inner and outer surrounds that completely block out dirt, liquid and grime, marine-certified models provide superior reliability at every turn.

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